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How We Got Here

We are Clear View Kayaks. We have a “work hard play hard” method which balances creating fun outdoor experiences with Watersports recreation. Together in Miami, we have explored Miami’s rivers, canals, & waterways putting together a series of exciting routes for you!


Our passion for environmentalism has made us one of the few, if not the only kayaking company to be acknowledged by the Miami Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves Adopt-An-Island program. They have contracted us our very own island to maintain & clean up. All the trash we collect helps scientists gather relevant data to use toward more sustainable interactions between humans & marine life. We have since then launched our non profit, Clear View Cleanups which is dedicated to taking over island cleanups and engage with locals and tourists alike to do our part. 


We have been living in Miami for 10 years, each born in Florida & grew up surrounded by the abundant mangrove waterways. We look forward to hosting you!

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